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About Hose Patch

Why we developed Hose Patch

As farmers and contractors whenever we had a hydraulic hose fail we were faced with hours of downtime, by the time we removed the hose, went to town, had a new hose crimped, returned and refitted the hose we had 4 hours of downtime. then on many occasions it would be a weekend, public holiday or would have to order fittings which would mean days of downtime all for a small hole in the hose. which made us think why couldn't we just clamp something over the hose to stop the leak until we could get a new one made, after trying a few home made fixes and looking for a product to do the job (with no luck) we set about designing hose patch.


Hose Patch design

Hose patch has been designed specificity for a quick easy and cost effective repair of two wire hydraulic hose as a result the design is quite simple consisting of two half's made out of POM engineering plastic  with a nitrile (NBR)  rubber seal molded to the inside and three ribs on each end to help support the hose and stop the seal from pushing out. Because different hose brands can be slightly different in size (about 2-3 mm) hose patch has been designed to suit the smaller size which is most common and also means use on a slightly larger brand will only result in a better seal.


How long will Hose Patch last

The hose patch product it self will last for years and can be reused many times, as for how long it will last as a repair all depends on the situation it is used in and the condition of the hose you are repairing, remember hose patch seals on the outside of the hose so if you repair a hydraulic hose in good condition running a hydro motor or hydraulic ram it could last for years on the the other hand if you repair a hose with extensive damage to out side of the hose and have to use self amalgamating tape (included in the kit) to get a good seal and this hose is running full pressure to a control valve it would be advisable to replace that hose as soon as possible.


Other Applications

Although hose patch is designed for two wire hydraulic hose it can be used in many other rubber hose applications including water hose, fuel line, vehicle heater hoses, chemical line, air line and use of a self amalgamating tape can extend this range to include hard pipes such us poly, PVC, copper & Brass.


How Hose Patch will save you money

It might be cheaper to repair a hydraulic hose with hose patch than to replace it but real saving is reducing downtime, lets say your a contractor that charges $90 per hour and a hose fails, if your down for four hours that's a loss of  $360 or you can patch the hose and reduce your downtime to about 5 minutes then have a new hose fitted when the machine isn't being used. .