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Hydraulic hose repair made simple

Hydraulic hose repair made simple

Our in-field hydraulic hose repair clamps have made hydraulic hose repair as simple as possible, with no removal of the hose from the machine. You can be up and running in as little 10 minutes. The clamps can be used on most types of hydraulic hose eliminating the need to have different fittings for different types of hose.

Two ways to use the clamps

Hose Patch hydraulic hose repair clamps can be used in two different ways.

As a Patch

The clamp can be used as a patch for simple repairs. You place the clamps over the leakage in the hose, making sure the hole is placed centre of the clamp and then tighten the bolts. You're ready to go. Use as a patch has its limitations and best suits pressures under 2000 psi, small holes, where the hose is in relatively good condition.

As a joiner

Using the clamp as a joiner requires the use of the joining barb that comes in the kit, which means the hose has to be cut. The advantages of using as a joiner are that condition isn't important and can be used at pressures up to 6000 psi.   

After repair

Hose Patch clamps are designed as a temporary repair and are completely reusable. It is best to replace the damaged hose as soon as possible and return the clamp to the kit for next use.